About Library

SMT. Prabhdevi Banwarilal Saraf Library established in the year 2014.

The Resource Centre is located at 5TH floor of DGMC houses more than 2381 books, 25 journals and periodicals and DELNET online database of more than 6000 E Journals and books. It has a Research Cell for scholars pursuing Ph D. It provides OPAC (Open Public Access Catalogue) facility for online searching and reservation of books. Automation is done with the help of KOHA software and a bar-code system. Compactors are used to store books. The Reading room area is brightly lit with comfortable seating.

The library remains open from 7.30am to 6pm on all working days. Library also facilitates Inter Library Loan facility with other institution libraries on the campus.

Library Advisory Committee (LAC):

Following are the members of the LAC for AY 2020-2021

Sr. No. Name of the Committee Member Position
1 Dr. Amee Vora Chairman
2 Ms. Geetanjali Wani Secretary-Convener
3 Dr. Dilnaz Boga Committee Member
4 Prof. Subhamitra Adhikari Committee Member
5 Prof. Selvi P Committee Member

Responsibilities of the Library Committee:

  • To ensure relevant and ample collection of books, journals and other information sources to support courses offered in the college.
  • Formulation of rules and regulations for the use of the library.
  • To allocate appropriate budget to procure the above stated source materials to meet the curricula of courses.
  • To check the implementation of the library policy to finalize the proposals of the librarian for the development of the library.
  • To offer library extension services to the students and teachers.
  • Finalizing the Annual Report submitted by the librarian.

Rules and Regulations for Members:

  • Members should have their Identity Card and Library Card whenever they visit the library.
  • Maintain Silence in the library. It is mandatory for all to put their Mobile phones on Mute Mode. Violation of this rule will incur a fine of Rs. 100/-.
  • Members should issue books on his/her Library Tickets.
  • Members are requested to return all the books in time.
  • In case of loss of books members will be fined the current cost of the book or will need to replace the book.
  • Reference Books should be used within library premises; they cannot be taken out of the library without permission. If found doing so a fine of Rs.50/- will be levied per day.
  • Members should use the library Computers / Network for academic purposes ONLY.
  • Members should keep their belongings in the property counter only. They are advised NOT to keep any valuables in their bag. College will not be responsible for loss of such items.
  • Eating and Drinking is strictly prohibited in the library.


  • Innovation & creativity: to have new approaches with built-in creativity & invention for implementation of ideas and solutions
  • Critical thinking: providing an opportunity to examine the problem in a different way & linking it with various aspects of subjects & disciplines
  • Professional development: is vital for a well-trained employee
  • Collaboration & Co-operation: working together with industry, academia, community & other stakeholders to achieve the desired results
  • Research & Consultancy: provide an opportunity to undertake research & consultancy in the domain areas

Services of the Library

Reference Service:
Reference service is a personalized service extended by the library to all faculties and students in finding the required information from the library resources, use of online catalogue, databases and other sources. In addition to these services we also assist in getting relevant information from resources as specified by the students or faculties.

Bibliographic Service:
On the request of faculty and students, the library provides bibliographic service by preparing a bibliography of articles, books and other resources available on their topic of research/teaching. This will help them in finding out relevant information.

Smt. Prabhadevi Banwarilal Saraf Library has an E-Library section, wherein members can access library E Books and E-Journals.

Alumni Membership:
The Alumni Membership is offered to passed out students of DGMC. Students can become a library member after paying the prescribed library deposit Such member will avail the following services:

  • Alumni can use library as reading & referencing room
  • Access to Databases
  • Reference/ Referral Service
  • List of New arrivals / Content pages of Journals and magazines over email

Penalties as below for defaulters:
1. Late return of books will be charged Rs.10 fine per day/ book.
2. In case a book is found damaged / lost; student is liable to replace or pay the current price of the book.
3. Writing / scribbling in the book with pen or pencil is strictly prohibited. Students will be liable to replace such books.
4. Library deposit will be held back until all dues are cleared.

DGMC Book Bank Facility:
The Book Bank is a DGMC initiative; it is the student resource for all the Course Books that a student may require for his/her academic pursuits. DGMC’s Book Bank offers issuing of books and also provides all enrolled students with the required course books. Annually only 5 students may avail this facility. Application will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Rules for obtaining this facility:
1. This facility is extended only for specific/category students, who are economically backward.
2. Membership to the Book Bank will be granted on completing the prescribed application form and submitting along with the necessary documents i.e. Parents income certificate, attendance record, etc. to the admin department.
3. DGMC Students will be given the required textbooks against their cards for the entire semester. Students are required to return the books within two (2) days after the semester examinations. Failing which, their application will be rejected for the next term / examination and their results for the said semester shall be withheld.

Penalties as below for defaulters:
I. Late return of books will be charged Rs.10 fine per day/ book.
II. In case a book is found damaged / lost; student is liable to replace or pay the current price of the book.
III. Writing / scribbling in the book with pen or pencil is strictly prohibited. Students will be liable to replace such books.
IV. Certificates will be held back until all dues are cleared.