Career Outcomes of PGDM in Media and Communication

Career Outcomes of PGDM in Media and Communication

Let’s begin with a question that you’ve probably heard more than once in your lifetime, “Where do you see yourself five years down the line?” Each time this question arises, your mind and a search on google can bring about a plethora of options and ideas to make your career better and powerful. But all of these answers won’t make any sense if they don’t match your interests. 

Growing up, things gradually change. By the time you are a fully grown person who is ready to take all the responsibilities with passion in your eyes and mind, your vision and goal may or may not match with the ones you had when you were a child. So have you ever planned a maneuver to escape from such a dilemma? Or have you ever narrowed down your list of interests of what you want to become? 

By all these questions we don’t mean to make you anxious or worried because we have got you covered. If you haven’t figured out by now about what you want to invest your energy, time, and money in, we have got Career Counsellors in our institution who would proffer a virtual career guiding path, if you desire to build your career in the demanding media and communication industry. 

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Students and learners who are intrigued by the Media and Communication Industry appear to be at the right address since our institution offers a transformational PGDM course in Media and Communication. The PGDM in Media and Communication approved by AICTE is a far-reaching course in the field of Media Management and circumscribes training towards various sectors of the media industry including television, print, digital media, radio, films, live events, sports, out of home, and music. 

This program is designed like any other MBA in Media Management Program but it is structured in a way as to mold students to master managerial characters of media and communication with professionals as well as functional knowledge of all the regions involved in this field. The kingpin of this program is to make students learn and understand the refinement of the media & advertising industry and all its latest updates. The program investigates and teaches about every detail of each field and imparts knowledge on how deep correlation exists between content creation and associated media business.

The PGDM course at DGMC centers on providing a notional understanding of general management principles and their practical application, crucial knowledge, and managerial skills in the media and communication industry. To understand the consumption of media in rural, as well as urban sectors and global media perspective and ways of management.

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DGMC’s analytics for PGDM states that equal importance should be given to Concepts, Applications, and Learnings. It focuses on clearing and covering the fundamental concepts of media and management. It assigns projects and assignments to students to enhance their skills in implementing in the areas of Media and Communications with the use of technology to make them employable ready. To cover additional aspects of life other than academics, students are trained with extra activities which include developing a sense of responsibility and sensitizing them towards being responsible citizens to serve society. 

At DGMC, the PGDM course in Media and Communication offers three main specializations, Branding and Advertising, Media and Entertainment, and Sports Management, each of which illuminates the minute detailing of their respective fields and industries. We consider keeping a holistic view for all the specializations to help polish our students to step out in the real world and go great guns in their careers and fields of interest.

We aim to make our students capable of getting a job and retaining it as well. We make sure that knowledge is imparted not just for the sake of passing exams but to master and be conscious of the existence in the physical world. Let us now commence with the specializations and the career outcomes they produce. The first in the queue is Branding and Advertising.


 A strong brand creates a positive association between consumers and a business, product, or service. Proper and high-toned branding is important because it helps the public remember a company and its products and feel good about using them. The elements used to create a brand can include name, logo, tagline, color, music or jingle, and the message or feelings that the company wishes to associate with itself. To pay attention and work on these tiny details concerning the branding of the product is exactly what is taught at this particular course of MBA in Branding. 

Career outcomes in Branding.

This course guides you through the intricacies of branding of the company which will result in you mastering the knowledge of branding and becoming a Brand Strategist, Product Manager, Brand Manager, Brand Marketing Specialist, Brand Marketing Representative, Brand Marketing Manager, Brand Activation Manager, and many other options that you have dreamt of becoming with the help of this field. 


Advertising is related to conveying the brand message by telling a story. Generally, this involves presenting sympathetic characters that encounter a problem that can be fixed or solved with the product or service offered by the company. Good advertising includes a clear brand message and may also include a direct call to action. Because so many companies, political campaigns, and nonprofits currently use advertising, your ad must attempt to stand out from the crowd by being unique, powerful, and uncomplicated.

Career outcomes in Advertising

 All of the above requires a team of Creative Assistant, Creative Director, Media Director, Media Planner, Media Researcher, Copywriter, Advertising Director, Account Coordinator, Account Executive, Advertising Manager, Art Director and so many other elements involved to make a successful advertisement. Pick your role and become anything you want at DGMC the media college in Mumbai offering MBA in Media and Communication. 

Media and Entertainment

Next in line of specializations at DGMC, the top journalism college in Mumbai is MBA in Media and Entertainment. The Media and Entertainment industry, majorly, comprises film, television, print, and radio. These segments include movies, news, TV shows, newspapers, radio shows, magazines, and books. With the advent of the Internet and the growth of digital content, we can now access media and entertainment 24×7 through Smartphones, computers, tablets, custom mobile apps, etc.

And for someone keen in this ever-evolving world of media and entertainment  PGDM in Media and Entertainment is the right prospect to outgrow their existing talents and creative ideas in the matter of filmmaking, writing, shooting, directing, or producing. Through assignments and practical application of the themes taught helps gain experience on the field for the students. 

Career outcomes in Media and Entertainment

Even to make a short ad it takes a huge team and workforce, now imagine making a whole movie. The major roles required to work behind making a movie successful are Director, Produce, Technical Writer, Film/Video Editor, Sound Engineer, Video Producer, Cameraman. These are the major roles we’re talking about, there are hundreds of other roles that are necessary and required to complete a movie. There are many famous companies like Alt Balaji, BBC Production, Sony Pix who proffer placements to our students which provides real-world exposure in this field. 

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Sports Management

The country recently witnessed the glory and glam of the most-awaited game, IPL and as much as we enjoy watching it, we must realize the work, efforts, and professionalism that goes behind holding the attention of crores of people. Have you ever wondered how the teams are managed or how to deal with sponsors, public relations, fraudulent cases? It is a very gripping and interesting course to learn and become an expert in this field. And how? With the help of PGDM Courses in Sports Management at DGMC in Mumbai. 

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Career outcomes in Sports Management

Here we make another claim. We claim that you’re curious about knowing the career opportunities in Sports Management, don’t worry we have answers to all your questions. Team Coordinator, Public Relations Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Fraud Manager, Athletic Development Specialist, Event Coordinator, Contract Administrator, Business Development Coordinator are a few of the professions under sports management which you can become with proper training at DGMC. 

So these were the courses DGMC offers and the career outcomes of pursuing these courses from top to bottom. We hope this helped in narrowing down your area of interest and saved you from the situation of dilemma you were stuck in. 

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