Festival theme: Freedom and Confinement

Concept Note
Cinema is one of the most powerful artforms. The impact of cinema on society, culture, trends, dissent, so on and so forth is immeasurable. However, its use has not just been limited to expressing the collective but intensely personal, individual and independent thought. As a result, cinema has emerged as a medium of not just society’s fear, apprehensions and dystopias but also hopes and utopian futures, especially at a time of crises.
Today, while the world is facing one of the biggest health crises in the last hundred years, we turn once again to look for refuge and expression through the cinematic universe. In this light, the Film club of DGMC brings to you the fourth annual film festival, Cine Voyage, 2021. A three day (11th, 12th & 13th February 2021) festival celebrating our love for everything cinema, extending from the remotest corners of the world, all the way back home. This annual platform has been created by DGMC to encourage students and professionals alike to not just showcase their talents but also their creativity, the scale of their ideas and their interpretations.
During the pandemic, the world population has faced willing and unwilling isolation and at the same time it has led us to exploring parts of our lives we had buried. Reflecting this, our theme this year is Freedom and Confinement. Keeping pace with the times we are living in where spatial and time constraints and paradoxically, preoccupation with social and digital lives, we are organizing a film competition for amateurs as well as professionals in the short film and the web-series category. We hope to see the grit and the strength along with the plethora of emotions this pandemic has exposed throughout the world.
Along with the competition, two days of exciting workshops, panel discussion and guest lectures by experts from the film fraternity are also part of this year’s Cine Voyage. The aim is to create an enabling environment to support and give a boost to amateur and professional individuals, at the national and international level by providing spaces for direct interaction and a chance to learn from the industry professionals.


I. Short film & Webisode:

Professional Category:
Theme: Freedom and Confinement
Genre: No Bar
Sub Theme: Social Isolation / Personal as Political
Amateur Category:
Theme: Freedom and Confinement
Genre: No Bar
Sub Theme: Social Isolation / Personal as Political


  • Make sure you can shoot with minimal crew at safe places. Your safety while participating is important and foremost.
  • Work with a minimal crew. Assemble a team of only the ones required.
  • Allocate remote work in processes such as scripting, pre-production, grading, dubbing, etc. This way you can even collaborate with people from different cities and countries. Apps like Zoom, Google Meet are going to be your new team meetings!
  • Do not shoot in crowded places and public transport. Avoid writing scenes that feature such locations.
  • Follow basic hygiene guidelines like sanitizing crew and equipment and maintaining social distance.
  • Short Films must be between 5 -15 minutes and Web Series (pilot episode) must be between 20 – 25 minutes in length. (Including End Credits)
  • Along with the first episode participants MUST submit screenplay of the second episode and story outline of rest of the season.
  • Films Completed between 01st September 2019 and 31st December 2020 are eligible to apply.
  • DGMC Cine Voyage has been the right to use the footage for marketing purposes

Rules and regulation for short film and the webisode:

  • The Cine Voyage Short Film & Web Series Competition 2021 is free to enter.
  • One participant may submit only one entry per category.
  • All entries must be accompanied by one poster and three production stills .
  • No third Party Websites should be used for the editing process.
  • For the Amateur and Professional category, teams have to use a professional film camera with at least 1080p/2k/4k video capture.
  • In the professional category, to assure noiseless sound quality, an external microphone could be used. The final rendered films should be submitted in 1080p/2k/4k only.
  • The final video must be uploaded in MP4/MOV/MPEG-4 format.
  • Teams can use pre-recorded music provided the team has the copyright to the music. If teams are unable to compose or have any original music, they can use copyright-free music in the film. If the teams are using copyrighted material, they have to restrict their usage to 15 seconds, maximum.
  • Films & Web Series must be graded
  • Entries must include the word ‘Cine voyage’ in the video title sequence.
  • Subtitles are compulsory for films for films/webisodes in all languages
  • The participants must mention if the film has been entered in any other film festival. The entry must not be available on any public streaming platform.
  • The films will be submitted via email. Make sure that you send the synopsis with the film and an unlisted YOUTUBE link of the film.
  • The deadline for submission is 18 hrs, IST, 31st of December, 2020. No entries will be entertained after.
  • Films once entered cannot be withdrawn.
  • DGMC and Project Parties may, in their sole discretion, disqualify films deemed to be inappropriate or otherwise non-compliant.
  • In case of any controversy or dispute, the word of the organizers shall be final.

I. Graphic Designing Competition

  • Theme: Minimal poster designs
  • The participants can register for the completion through our website
  • Each participant will have to design an original poster for any film which appeals to them.
  • The deadlines for the entries will be 28th December 2020
  • Category: open (any film)
  • Size: A3
  • Resolution: 72DPI
  • Mode: RGB
  • Format: Jpeg
  • The shortlisted posters will be showcased during the festival
  • The winners will be announced on the 13th February 2021
  • In case of any plagiarism, the participant will be disqualified.
  • In an event of any dispute, the word of the organizer is final.


Event 1: Workshops: Advanced Screenwriting
This is the most basic and the most important lecture that he likes to conduct. It is light and fun, but extremely useful. Apart from screenwriters (aspiring or practicing), it also helps directors, actors, cinematographers, editors etc. for the broad wisdom that it brings, including how to ideate, how to adapt a book for the screen, the difference between writing for the screen versus writing for the stage or prose, and so on. This lecture is his personal favourite and great to start with.
Date : 11th February 2021
Time : 10:30 am -12:30 pm
Duration: 2hrs
All participants will be given e- Certificate

Event 2: Guest lecture: A session on Low Budget Filmmaking
In this detailed exploration of low-budget filmmaking, learn techniques and theories examining all phases of the process, from development to production to post-production. The focus is on translating a minimum budget into maximum quality on screen. Topics include the script, financing the production, evaluating the marketplace, analysing and breaking down the screenplay, learning to apply creativity to a budgetary plan to maximize on-screen value, casting, selecting key production personnel, production design, music, editing, sound design, marketing, and distribution.
Date : 11th February 2021
Time : 1:30 Pm – 3:30pm
Duration: 2hrs
All participants will be given e- Certificate

Event 3: Screening of the film for Film Critics workshop
Date : 11th February 2021
Time : 3:45 pm – 5:30 pm


Event 1: Workshop: Film Criticism
Given the passionate discussions and arguments about films on social media and even WhatsApp, everyone’s a critic today. But what does it take to be a professional film critic? How do professional critics watch films? Do they take notes? Do they watch a film more than once before writing a review? What do they look for in a film? Also, how do you start if you want to be a film critic? How do you get hired to write reviews? This workshop will answer these questions and more. It will help you develop a unique and distinct voice.
The mentor will suggest a film that will be screened a day before the workshop and after the screening the students will be asked to write their review of the film. The next day after the mentor is done with their part he/she will read the reviews, make comments on them and guide the students.
Date : 12th February 2021
Time : 09:30 am -11:30 pm
<strongMax limit: 30 + 20 participants
Duration: 2hrs

Event 2: Panel discussion: Movie Business (Distribution & Exhibition)
Apart from having money in the pocket it is also significant to have knowledge about, How to tell a good story and how to reach an audience are the skills that every good producer possesses. The Producing for Film and Television is a perfect combination of Business and creativity, where entrepreneurial skills and storytelling expertise are a must. The mentor will be approaching this session from a commercial aspect
Date : 12th February 2021
Time : 11:30 Pm – 1:30pm
Duration: 2hrs

Event 3: Screening of the Shortlisted Webisodes followed by Q&A
Date : 12th February 2021
Time : 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm


Event 1: Announcement of the winners of graphic design competition

Event 2: Round Table Discussion

Topic – Exploring shifting economic paradigms of the global entertainment industry: The hardships and future.

Date : 13th February 2021
Time : 12:00 Pm – 2:00pm
Duration: 2hrs

Event 3: Screening of the Shortlisted Webisodes followed by Q&A
Date : 12th February 2021
Time : 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm