DGMC Annual Day

Annual Day & Academic Prize Distribution 2020 – 2021

The Annual Day forms an integral part of every college. It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performances but also receive rewards and recognitions for their curricular and co-curricular achievements throughout the year.

Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies celebrated the Annual Day Function on 30th April, 2021 from 5.00 pm to 7.15 pm. It was a virtual event hosted on Zoom platform. More than hundred students had logged on to the virtual space to watch the event.

The Chairman of RSET Mr. Ashok Ji Saraf, delivered an inspirational speech. This was followed by the Principal Dr. Amee Vora’s address. Dr. Vora presented an oral submission of the Annual Report of the academic year 2020 to 2021. The Annual Report listed the milestone recognitions and tributes achieved by the college during the ongoing academic year.

The Chief Guest for the function was Mr. Nitish Shinde, an alumni of the college of the BAFTNMP course batch 2017. He joined the event from Paris. He is a cinematographer who went to Paris to pursue his Masters program in cinematography form there. After which he has done some commendable projects and shot films with established directors in Paris.

Students were felicitated for their academic excellence in the PGDM – FY and SY, MACJ – Part I and II, MAFTNMP – Part I and II, BAMMC – FY and SY, BMM – TY, BAFTNMP – FY, SY and TY programs.

Students were also recognized and felicitated by the coveted College awards of Best Student, Best Organizer, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Speaker, Best Writer, Best Dancer, Best Short Film, Best Actor and Actress, Best Photography, Best Student for overall cultural proficiency, Best Fine Arts and so on.

The alumni students were also recognized and honoured for their voluntary contribution.

The Best Student award for the academic year 2020 to 2021 was given to Ms. Tanushree Gupta of TYBMM from the Advertising specialization. The student Ms. Tanushree Gupta was invited to speak. In her brief speech, she thanked the Principal, professors of DGMC and her fellow students for the support she felt she was blessed with in her journey.
A detail worth mentioning is the fact that the stylish pictures of all the award winners and their respective certificates were flashed on screen as their names were being announced. This was certainly an additional delight for the winners and the audience.

After the announcement of the awards, the Cultural feast prepared and rehearsed by the students’ team of DGMCMS was put up for entertaining the audience. Ruben from MAFTNMP – Part I and Maahi from FYBAMMC functioned as the hosts of the annual day cultural extravaganza.

The cultural events rolled out with an outstanding classical dance performed by Anushka Ghag. The dance was followed by an amazing song sung by Srijan Das and Sharthiyo Biswas. Then came Aaliya Khan’s captivating dance performance.

Sharthiyo Biswas sang a mellifluous number which was followed by a 20 minutes theatre act “Instant Einstein”. The theatre act took the audience by surprise with its quality of actors and thought provoking message.

After the theatre act, the student singers Shifa Khan and Sharthiyo Biswas performed a melodious medley. Following this, student singer Shivani Singh performed a breathtaking number while her guitar chords melted the audience’s hearts. The cultural programme closed its curtains with a brilliant musical mash-up by Sharthiyo Biswas.

Special Prize Distribution Ceremony – 2020 to 2021

Rewards and Recognitions are tools that boost performers to limb one more step up the ladder. When rewards and recognitions are awarded in a formal public ceremony, both the audience and the winners are motivated. The former are moved by inspiration and the latter are energized by the sense of acknowledgement.

Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies conducted the Prize Distribution Ceremony on 3rd May, 2021 from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm. It was a virtual event hosted on Zoom platform. The announcement and notices introducing this event were circulated among students well in advance.  A large number of students turned up to watch the event on Zoom.

The master of the ceremony Prof. Rubina Mohammad introduced the Prize Distribution Ceremony agenda as the ceremony began at 3.30 pm. Following this, the national anthem was played and the audience requested to rise as a mark of respect.

The Principal, Dr. Amee Vora, delivered an inspirational introductory speech explaining the rationale behind conducting the event. The Principal’s speech was followed by Prof. Vidula Deo’s announcement of the winners under the Best Coordinators and Best Organisers category.

Prof. Subhamitra Adhikari presented the name list of students who had actively participated in various club activities throughout the academic year 2020 to 2021. Then, she moved on to announce the names of the winners in various club activities and programmes.

Prof. Selvi presented the name list of students who had represented Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies at different international college stages as Contingent Leaders. She then announced the names of the winners who bagged laurels by taking part in various events such as music, fine arts, dance, business presentation, poetry writing etc. at competent college festival stages.

Prof. Saurabh Deshpande made the announcement of both the winners and participants who had made DGMC’s own festival Media I.C.E Age and Cinevoyage a dream come true, given the precarious timeline during which both these festivals were hosted successfully.

The master of the ceremony, Prof. Rubina Mohammad, took over the Zoom stage after Prof. Deshpande’s announcements. She invited Prof. Vidula Deo to propose the Thanks Note. In her Thanks Note, Prof. Deo acknowledged the efforts of the Principal, students, technical team, teaching and non-teaching staff members, the Prize Distribution Committee members and the zeal of the virtual audience.

Certificates specially designed for the awardees, volunteers and participants were to be shared virtually at a later date. The ceremony was concluded as the Zoom meet was ended by the Technical Host. The rounds of applause given by the digital audience worked as arcs that completed the circle of accomplishment both for Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies and its illustrious students who had made a difference not because of the pandemic but despite the pandemic!

Held on 24th December 2019 at the
Venue: Pravinchandra D. Shah Sports Academy, Mumbai

The day is 24th of December. It’s around 6 pm and Devi Prasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies (DGMC) is adorned and all set for its Annual Day Event for 2019. But this Annual Day is different. Nothing of this sort or magnitude has happened on campus before. There’s an ambience of enthusiasm, anticipation and a tad bit of nervous excitement everywhere. Everyone has their eye out for something unprecedented that is about to happen in DGMC. On that day, DGMC celebrated its Annual Day function with an overwhelming and wholesome participation from the students. The success of an event of this magnitude wouldn’t even have been remotely possible without the relentless and tireless efforts of the Principal Dr. Amee Vora.
The evening started off with Ms. Anushka Ghag, performing a graceful dance to invoke the Almighty. This was followed by some melodious singing and thought-provoking poetry recitation by students Samidha and Srijan, respectively. It was then time for the formal section of the evening, for which an esteemed panel had been invited. The Panel of Dignitaries consisted of Shri Aslam Shaikh, a member of the legislative assembly (MLA) as the Chief Guest, Shri Naren Goenka, Trustee RSET as Guest of Honour, Shri Gajendra Chauhan as Guest of Honour, Smt. Kaanchan Adhikari as Guest of Honour, Shri Lalit Saraf as Guest of Honour and Member of the Managing Committee, RSET, Shri Ashok M Saraf, President RSET, Smt. Sunanda Kar, Educational Director, RSET, Shri Saurabh Deshpande, Convener Student Council, DGMC, Shri Mukesh Sharma, Dean DGMC and Dr. Amee Vora, Principal DGMC
Thereafter, the college’s Annual Report was presented by the Principal, which not only included the achievements of the college for the current academic year but also highlighted the milestones achieved during the last academic session. A Prize Distribution Ceremony was held, where talented and performing students in various fields like Academics, Short films (Animation, Fiction and Non-fiction), Culture, and Sports etc. were recognised and felicitated. The college’s alumni were also honoured for their voluntary contribution. Finally, the most prestigious award for the Best Student was awarded to the much deserving Ms Sukanya De. She, then, delivered a heartfelt speech thanking all her cherished people who supported her in this journey.

The Vote of Thanks was then delivered by Dean Mr. Mukesh Sharma. He acknowledged the efforts of the Students, Teachers, and Supporting Staff and thanked the esteemed guests for their precious time and presence.

Coming back to the cultural aspect of the event, the entire event was centred around a grand historical idea. The theme for the Annual Day was ‘Thoughts of Chanakya’ which was presented meticulously by students of DGMC under the extraordinary guidance of Mr. Rahul Antani. The journey showcased Chanakya’s ethical leadership and management principles paired with mesmerising cultural performances from our Indian states choreographed by Mrs. Punita Hirani representing Chanakya’s goal of ‘Akhanda Bharat’. The story revolved around Chanakya and Dhananand’s tug of war to save the kingdom from foreign invasions. The act was performed by Anand Chaturvedi (MACJ) and Srijan Das (SYBAFTNMP) along with students from UG Programmes. The event also bagged huge appreciation and adulation for the Mime act choreographed by Mr. Subodh Surve which portrayed the cons of modernization on the masses.

The colourful night ended with the beautiful thought of Vasudevam Kutumbkam which translates to the idea that the entire world is one family. This message of unity and harmony inherent in our Indian culture was enthusiastically sent across with the international students at DGMC proudly waving their homeland flags along with the Tricolour on the stage.

The annual day showcased the outstanding work of the students and that was appreciated by one and all. The audience comprising of the parents and guests were captivated by the enchanting performances of the students and the soulful symphony of the budding artists. For anyone who attended the event, it was an evening to remember.