Donor’s Message

It is our pleasure to associate with Rajasthani Sammelan Educational Trust, known for its dedication to the education field for the last 67 years. Rajasthani Sammelan is an important education landmark in the city of Mumbai, the entertainment and financial capital of India, with more than 15000 students gaining knowledge to become better citizens of the country, and that too under one roof.

Perhaps the most important invention in the history of humankind has been the invention of the transistor. This small device has changed the way the world communicates and interacts. Today, we have moved on from second to the third screen, and the world has compressed itself into the palm of our hand.

The younger generation has adapted itself to the rapidly changing media world, and adopted the dynamic media technology. These digital natives have been born with technology and have no inhibitions in using it.

With best wishes,

Sajjankumar Goenka

Main Donor, DGMC