God’s Digital World by Prof. Arati Kamath

God’s Digital World by Prof. Arati Kamath

We all know nothing is impossible for God as they are the creators. Though technology was not available in those mythological times but God had its own divine power to make things happen as per their wishes.

Imagine if todays Government Digital India campaign reaches to God with a request to use digital world for their purpose as per their personalities so that they can be connected to their devotes as well as for themselves.

However its just an imagination which has come to my mind, which I tried to give a digital world appearance.

Dhritarashtra was blind from birth. If he would have been in this digital world he could have used Practo App to search ophthalmologist.

Its Bal Ganesha digital world, need not wait anymore to get yummy modak that available on the Zomato App.

We all know this character of Surpnakha, when she saw Ram and Lakshaman in the forest, she proposed first to Ram and then on Ram’s recommendation, to Lakshaman. She is supposed to have tried to attack Sita, as she was the reason, behind Ram’s denial, and Lakshaman ended up severing her nose. Surpnakha ended up goggling how and where she could find a cosmetic surgeon.

Abhimanyu was trained in warfare by Lord Krishna and Balrama .He learnt the art of breaking into the Chakravyuha when he was in Subhadras womb. It was when Arjuna was narrating the art of breaking into Chakravyuha to Subhadra. But he did not know how to destroy the formation once he was inside, as Subhadra fell asleep while listening to the story and Abhimanyu (being in her womb) could learn only half of the technique. This is the reason why he was only able to enter/ break and not come out of the Chakravyu. But “No worries” as Abhimanyu can take help of Quora.com, a platform to gain and share knowledge.

We all know the story of Ramayana, where Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. Rama was supported by an army of vanaras (monkeys). He reached the end of land and wanted to cross over to Lanka. Rama worshiped to the god of the ocean, Varuna and requests him to make way. Nala, the son of Vishwakarma – the architect of the gods, was a part of the Vanara army. With his expertise he could complete the 80 miles (130 km) bridge in just five days. Rama and his army crossed over the bridge and reach Lanka, where they prepare to fight Ravana. Let’s say if he would have used wiki how to get the answer for the queries related to make bridge.

Narad Muni was the son of Brahma and a devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was known for gossiping and knows all the news from around the universe. Narad was shown a divine messenger. He used constantly wander around in all three worlds and he gave information to all, the Devas, the Rakshas and the men. So Narad Muni can take help Yatra.com in searching the flights.

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