How to make short film with your mobile phones by Mr. Monish Kaushal

How to make short film with your mobile phones by Mr. Monish Kaushal

Smart phones made it possible for individuals to record videos on HD & full HD quality.

Steps to be followed:

Primary Work: Record few videos on your mobile at the location of shoot on all possible timings and try to figure out the best time to shoot for the best output.

Team Work: Creative individuals should be part of your team. Genre has to be decided for example action, comedy, horror, drama. Together everyone should discuss the idea and every team member should give their creative inputs for the betterment of the project. Making a film on mobile has certain limitations and hence the whole team has to be much more focused for the completion of production.

On Paper Sketch: All great filmmakers firstly execute the complete flow of the film black n white on paper, for example complete script with dialogues and storyboard of the entire film.

Mode of Mobile: Switch the mode of mobile to airplane mode so that there is no kind of distraction while filming the movie. One should always avoid the portrait mode. Horizontal mode should be preferred for shooting a film.

Lights: One should always hoot in the bright light. If the sun is too harsh try to shoot from the top angle, in this way one can avoid the sky completely. Shooting outdoor in a bright light is quite manageable whereas shooting indoors need somewhat better skill and knowledge of light. Too much low light as well as well as too much bright light can spoil the output of the video. A piece of black sheet or cloth can be used as cutters while shooting so that the reflection of the object is avoided. A piece of white cloth or sheet can be used as diffuser to control the lighting. Thick thermocol can also be used for shifting light on the object or character.

Zoom: One should not use zoom while capturing the full HD video as it will hammer the quality of the video. While shooting from mobile jerks or shake has to be avoided as it may disturb the focus from the character. Try to move closer to the character or object while filming from phone.

Basic editing: iMovies, Windows Live Movie Maker, FCP or Adobe Premier are some of the software’s that can be used for the editing of the recorded footages.

The basic accessories which you can also use are

a) tripod and sliders
b) portable charger
c) enough memory storage available in phone
d) SD card reader
e) flash lights
f) Detachable lenses for digital zoom etc.

Few examples of movies that were shot entirely on mobile:

  1. Unsane– Berlin film festival hosted the world premiere of Unsane. Total worldwide collection of Unsane was $ 14.2 million.
  2. Tangerine –Sundance Film Festival hosted the world premiere of Tangerine. Total worldwide collection of Tangerine was $702,354.
  3. Uneasy Lies the Mind: Uneasy Lies the Mind this is the film which was shot using cinema quality lenses attached to iphone 5.
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