International Immersion to Singapore

The students of PGDM went for an International Immersion to Singapore from the 18 th January to 23 rd January, 2017. The objective of the immersion was to provide students insights of the international market with reference to media activities, culture, habitat and the overall market environment. The Singapore tour was organized in association with Tomorrow’s India which provides a premier conduit through the exchange of knowledge and culture – a gateway that builds bridges across nations.

The tour started with the visit to Pulau Ubin Island – with an objective of developing group dynamics and learning outdoor survival skills which are a must for any media professional. The beach island has the Mamam Beach which is reinforced by a seawall and ringed by wooden railing after it was threatened with serious soil erosion in 1999. Ubin is a natural area and to protect this environment, there are guidelines for activities conducted at these camping sites. Some of the activities included camping, cooking food and walking through the tropical forests.