Is Content The King by Prof. Trupti Mistry

Is Content The King by Prof. Trupti Mistry

This question comes with a set of repercussions to many today, who function online. Be it small entrepreneurs to massive companies who compete with each other in the market for attracting consumers present in the online community. But the question to be evaluated at this point of time, is whether content, is really the king?

On3rdJanuary, 1996, CEO of Microsoft corporation, Bill Gates, published an essay on how “Content is the King” which clearly mentioned about content plays a crucial role in the future-emerging internet journey. Many debated back then on this, considering digitization had just begun but keeping this in mind today, the tables have really turned and is in complete favour of Content.

In the past four decades, we have seen the media sphere changing drastically in all its sectors, particularly the digital area. Creation of new content, increasing the online followers, improvising and focusing on SEO, checking and validating the traffic has become a big task for the companies’ functioning online today. To contribute to the success of a brand/product/service, companies’ and entrepreneurs are getting burdened under the humungous task of creating new content every day, every minute or every second for that matter. Content creation is the ultimate task; reason being that today’s virtual community is skilled in filtering, selecting the information and then finally making a conviction. The online users are spoilt for choices made available to them which in turns creates a pressure for the industry to create content which will keep in the top rating charts.

Due to the democratization of online media, the need for content creation has increased as we live in the world where people can get involved right from creating to sending content back. The entire communication model has been reversed where no longer the sender/receiver have their roles static as per the early communication models.

One of the main reason of content being the king is the concept of Converged Media. The entire social media arena is filled with content. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are all rich in content which in turns makes them popular amongst the online communities. Influencers/Bloggers community have a tough time to figure out their follower’s needs/demands along with the collaborations with brands they have time and again. All of this is entirely based on how new/unique your content is.

Content helps companies to connect with the target consumer which strengthens the relationship of the brand with the customer fostering brand loyalty, customer engagement which in turn boosts revenue for the companies.

Many of the small start-ups and entrepreneurs today struggle to get the content right and present it in a manner which is unique and fresh for the consumers as lot of competitors work on the same rule.

It is important for companies functioning online to realise the importance and weightage consumers place on content which makes it so peculiar on the digital front.

For now, content is really the king but it would be interesting to know mane other reasons which would shape the digital world and the patterns it follow in the coming years.

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