Learning from the Germans by Prof. Saurabh Deshpande

Learning from the Germans by Prof. Saurabh Deshpande

Before I write anything further, I must make a candid confession: I am guilty of disregarding the very points that I am going to speak about. And since charity begins at home, I must take the soonest steps to imbibe these qualities in my own dealings with people.

I have been lately reading about the office culture in Germany. I was surprised to learn that Germans spend the least amount of time in office – 36 hours per week, to be exact; and yet they produce the most output amongst all the European Union countries. What then allows this to happen?

There are several reasons, and we Indians must take a leaf out of their book and inculcate some, if not all, of their healthy professional habits.

To begin with, they are sticklers for time and respecting their own time, as well as that of others. They report to office on dot, and leave on dot, and they are very very sincere and focused when it comes to work. Spending personal time on social media, and indulging in gossip is frowned upon by most Germans, and is a strict no-no. They also make a firm distinction between professional and personal life – regarding the timing, the activities, as well as the people whom they associate with.

Another aspect is their approach towards communication with colleagues and superiors – it is direct and precise, without any small talk or beating around the bush. This ensures that the message gets delivered and understood in quick time, without any softening or ambiguity – Calling a spade a spade makes the communication transparent.

A third characteristic of the German peoples is there collective attitude towards there city, society and country. They follow the rules ant keep their cities clean, dirt free and crime free. Along with a strict implementation of the law and an alert and action-oriented police system, the Germans collectively ensure that no one else amongst them dirties their villages, towns and cities, and if they c anybody throwing garbage on the street or causing any harm in their society they either publicly admonish the perpetrator or inform the police. This ensures that everybody does his or her bit and encourages others to act in a morally conscientious manner.

Indians possess an even older civilization and a population rivalling China. If we upgraded ourselves even a little bit, we will surely become a force to be reckoned with in terms of productivity and output – both qualitatively and quantitatively.

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