Lights, Camera & DOP By Mr. Monish Kaushal

Lights, Camera & DOP By Mr. Monish Kaushal

Movies are dreams fulfilled through film-making. The motion of pictures is known as cinematography or director of photography. Well, Cinematography is adding colors and meaning to a script. In short, cinematography is about the camera angles and light movements.

So to begin the story, Cinematography has never been about one person; it requires a team to manage lights and camera. Do you ever wonder how, when it’s raining in the shooting location, it continues to be sunny in the movie? It’s because of the DOP and his team who manages the perfect light which is as bright as a sunny day. Did you know who brought motion-pictures into the scene?.

The people behind this are the Lumiere brothers, the first cinematographers. One stream that’s science & arts together, one doesn’t just capture a picture but also communicates the perspective to the audience. Cinematography is hence, like an ocean. The deeper you go, the deeper it is and even a ripple somewhere creates a wave in the minds of the audience.

The work in this field however, continues even after the movie shooting is finished -which is essentially known as post-production. The editors re-write the film during post-production to avoid any future errors.

And just if you are eyeing to become an ace cinematographer, make sure that you don’t forget to store the footages in a hard drive or a SAN (Storage Area Network). These devices help in storing the audio and video. Well, organizing, Backups, Assembly, Audio/Syncing & Editing are also as much important parts of post-production as any other. And the purview of the filed goes into Motion graphics, Color Grading, Finishing and Mastering too.

We as DGMC offer a certificate course in cinematography for students who wish to explore cinematography as a career option and want to be a part of the ever-growing film industry. With ace faculty & hands-on experiential teaching- based on real-time projects, the course is a sure way to open your minds eye when it comes to Cinematography.

It’s time to make your dreams real- right on to a reel.

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