Cine Voyage 2017, the inter-collegiate film festival organized by and for the students pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television and New Media Production was conducted on Saturday, 4 th March. The purpose of the festival was to bring together students of different colleges who have opted for this course, to form a community of cinema lovers under one roof and foster a healthy culture of exchanging thoughts and ideas. The festival was split in two categories: A series of exciting competitions and events, & an Interactive Session with the noted actor, writer and poet, Mr. Piyush Mishra.

The event started with the inauguration by lighting of the lamp followed by a welcome address given by the Dean, Dr. Mangesh Karandikar and ribbon cutting at the hands of the Director, Dr. Kumardatt Ganjre declaring the festival open.

1) What’s your Story -Short film Event- This was a short film event was judged by Mr. Deep Pal and Mr. Supavitra Babul.
2) World’s Diary- This was a documentary film event and was judged Prof. Dinesh Khemani.
3) Can you Sell this- Ad film Event- This was an ad film event was judged by Mr. Viram Bhavsar.
4) Illustrate- Poster Design Event- This was a poster designing event where students were given a bunch of 10 Hollywood and Bollywood film names. The participants had to design a minimalistic poster on any one of the films. The event was judged by Mr. Parth Bhatt.
5) Spin a Yarn- Storytelling Event 4- As the name suggests, participants were required to weave a story starting from a ‘lead-in’ line and incorporate themes of projected images. This was to be done turn-by-turn wherein each member of the team would continue to narrate from the point where the other member left it. The event was judged by Mr. Mayuresh Belsare.
6) Showreel – Editing Event- The participants had to choose images from various films and juxtapose it with soundtrack from other films and weave a narrative out of it. The idea was to expose them to the way professionals in the industry create a short video profiling their own work. The event was judged by Prof. Partha Samanta.

The overall participation for the festival reached an encouraging figure of 50 from colleges like KC, Thakur, and KES Shroff.

An Interactive Session with Mr. Piyush Mishra
“Every chapter from my life is in front of you, thanks to media, and absolutely nothing is hidden”, said Piyush Mishra, poet, lyricist, writer and actor to begin a highly engrossing, interactive session with students. What followed was a free-wheeling chat with the Saraf hall packed with students held in rapturous attention by the maverick’s words of wisdom. He advised them all to live in the moment and never regret later. The event concluded with a recitation of his poetry and rendition of some of his popular songs, followed by a thunderous applause from all the present. The winners of all the events were felicitated by DGMC with KES College bagging ‘The Best College’ trophy