Rural Immersion Program – 10th, 11th & 12thJanuary – PGDM Batch 2018-20

As part of the Rural Immersion Program the PGDM batch 2018-20 visited two different villages; Shikrapur, a village in Shirur Talkuka and Kadus, also known as Prati Pandharpur is a village on the bank of river Bhima in Pune district. The program was scheduled on 10th, 11th&12thJanuary, 2020.
The Rural Immersion Program is the part of the main curriculum of the second year post-graduate program. Rural immersion is one unique program that gives the students an opportunity to understand the emerging trends in the villages; thereby helping the budding media managers to study and execute the understanding and effectiveness of rural market as a whole.

Takeaway during the Rural Immersion Program:

Shikrapur: Two groups went with their business idea of home-made beauty products and scented candles. The students got an opportunity to understand the rural market, create brand awareness. The students observed that every house consumed television on a large scale. They watched television serials / shows and were an integral part of their life. Usage of Mobile Phones was a common site in this rural area. Surprisingly various mobile brands were seen displaying their services.

Kadus: Two groups went with their business ideas of Western clothes and homemade chocolates. People of this village were ready to accept the new trends and has the spending capacity. Here, people understand the importance of education and efforts are being made that the new generation and also their women are given advanced education and skills to enhance their future.