Scope of developing a career in Journalism

Scope of developing a career in Journalism

A lot is happening in the world every minute, and executing the vital part to reach the specific audience, Journalists play an essential role. They bridge the gap and keep us updated with the latest happenings of every indivisible corner.

In a nutshell, Journalists are professionals who gather the information around the happenings of the world, processes, edits, and then caters to the populace exceptionally. Their job is known as journalism.

With the growth of news channels and digital media platforms, Journalism and Media are considered one of the most lucrative and imperative career options. It can be fruitful for prolific individuals who retain excellent communication skills and are passionate about building stories. However, Journalism, being one of the most dynamic fields, demands one to keep evolving to prosper and make the most out of it.

Career Scope In Journalism/ Mass Media Course:

Today, Journalism is not just limited & committed to a paper, but it has given rise to bounteous opportunities. The diversification of print and electronic media has benefited you with enormous opportunities to choose what fits your skill set the best. Accordingly, one can commence a Journalism career by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication. However, people who are willing to hold expertise also preferably choose a master’s degree or a PGDM in Media Studies.

Career Options In Print Media:

If you’re someone who loves to pen down your visualization into words or crafting commercial arts, the below list can sum up your search.

  • A Columnist
  • A Featured Writer
  • A Proof Reading Specialist
  • A News Editor
  • A Comic Art Specialist/Cartoonist
  • A Critic
  • A Commercial Art Specialist/ Illustrator Expert
  • A Photojournalist

Career Options In Electronic Media

Electronic media is the term used to describe any form of media to access which the user needs to make use of electronic or electromechanical forms of energy. Needless to say, electronic media plays a very important role in our lives these days. It is on every step that we encounter or use some form of electronic media. Therefore being a part of the growing electronic media industry is also a chosen career option for several young and talented students in India.

  • On-Field Reporter
  • News Anchor
  • Presenter
  • Visual Production Specialist

Types Of  Mass Media Journalism :

The growth in the industry has increased the demand for journalists, and they are further diversified into enduring categories, that are:

  • Journalism in Investigation
  • Criminal Journalism
  • Journalism in Politics
  • Journalism In Arts
  • Celebrity Journalism
  • Journalism In Education
  • Journalism In Business
  • Lifestyle Journalism
  • Journalism In Sports

Skills Required To Pursue Journalism/ Mass Media Career:

A great skill set of written and verbal communication is a prerequisite.  However, one has to learn about rendering procedures related to radio and television. Apart, below are the skills which you can acquire to excel in your career.

  • Excellent research, writing, and editing skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Should be ready to travel
  • Great leadership skills
  • Risk-taking attitude
  • Must be able to express ideas and opinions

A Career In Journalism (Courses Journalism & Mass Communication)

Mass communication and journalism courses are pretty diverse, and they contain every component needed to form a stable foundation for students pursuing. There are numerous levels and courses of mass media and journalism which one can pursue according to their level of interest and requirements. Take a look:

  • Diploma In Journalism & Mass Media
  • Diploma In Journalism
  • BA in Multi-Media And Mass Communication
  • BA With Journalism
  • Bachelors Of Journalism
  • Bachelors Of Mass Media and Journalism
  • BA in Media Studies
  • BA in Television and Mass Media
  • Masters Of Art in Communication and Journalism
  • PGDM in Media and Communication
  • MSC in Journalism and Media
  • MA In Journalism and Communication
  • MBA In Media & Communications
  • Post Graduate Degree In Journalism and Media

To get admitted into a bachelor’s degree of top journalism colleges, one needs an achievement certificate of 10+2. Whereas media institutes offering PGDM in media and journalism demands one to have a certificate of 10+2 and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Apart from 3-year degree courses and PGDM, today, many institutes are offering short term certification and 1-year diploma programs as well. One can choose according to their feasibility and their future goal.

Apart from learning from top institutes, one must have extraordinary abilities to impersonate the news and build stories most engagingly. One must have super-intelligent communication skills to enchant the readers and keep them engaged with the utmost interest.

Salary After Completing Journalism Course

The impact of the media and communication domain has fascinated many. One of the main reasons students count more on journalism and media courses is because of the monetary benefits it brings to the table.

The media and journalism graduates start getting a pretty handsome pay once they enter the professional world. The average salary of graduates ranges around 3 Lakh per annum. It gradually increases as per their expertise, skills and as they climb the corporate ladder. However, obtaining a master’s degree can help students acquire a better pay scale in the long run.

Nevertheless, journalism and media have evolved into one of the most recognized career options among the GenZ and the Millenials. According to the survey, numerous students count on journalism and media courses after completing 10+2 as it is the most common and agile way to enter the field. However, people are also turning to gain a master’s degree to broaden their horizons for more lucrative job opportunities.

Which colleges are the best?

Searching for the best journalism and media colleges can be tricky. However, you can filter the best ones by checking their modules, the curriculum they provide, their review from the alumni, and their previous placement records. Though you’re someone residing in Mumbai or searching for the best journalism institutes and media colleges in the Mumbai area, DGMC can be your solution. We provide the best class curriculum and benefit you with the industrial exposure students always demand. To book a free consultation or queries about our courses, reach our customer support via email or a phone call.

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