Simple Hacks – How to shoot a SHORT FILM by Mr. Monish Kaushal

Simple Hacks – How to shoot a SHORT FILM by Mr. Monish Kaushal

Normally a feature film length is considered to be as 90 minutes and above. Whereas a short film will be a motion picture but less than the length of a feature film.

There is a large scope of doing experiments while making a short film. Short film has a wider reach to audience. This is possible because of internet and currently the access to these short films has increased considerably due to smart phones being available of almost every individuals hand and above that cheap internet rates have brought up a revolution for the production and distribution of short films.

For new film makers short film is the most comfortable way of portraying their skills whereas established actors do work in short films as it gives them vulnerability for the exhibition of art they carry. Short films normally are made in a very compact and tight budget. Short films cover so many different topics which normally feature films do not take into consideration. Moreover short films deliver required messages for the benefit of society or community.

A short film can be of 5 minutes or 30 minutes but the process of making short film is same in all the cases. Let’s discuss the art of short film making process.

  1. Script: A complete script with screenplay & dialogues should be ready before the pre-production can begin.
  2. Pre-Production: Pre- Production will include the discussion and execution ways of the script. Location, Casting, Crew & Equipments are pre-decided.
  3. Production: The idea or the script is been shot completely on the camera. All the scenes have to be recorded so that the film can be forwarded for editing.
  4. Post Production: Editing, background music, titles, VFX , color correction step by step when completed the film is ready for showcase.
  5. Distribution: Any film that is been made is made with an objective to showcase it to the audience. You tube & Vimeo are the major platform for display of short films.

History of cinema had short films only. In many cases these films were of a minute length or less than that. After 1910 the film’s length started to be more then 10 minutes. Charlie Chaplin’s short film with comedy genre was very popular those days and are eye catching till date.

Two very important person involve in making of short film are the Producer and the Director. Managing all the money related stuffs is Producers main task whereas Director’s job is to be the manager on the film set and to solve all the problem creatively that comes one after another on the production level and to deliver the complete ready to watch film to audience. Few more important requirements while making a short film are

  1. Good Script
  2. A talented cast
  3. A devoted crew
  4. Adequate funds
  5. Good health
  6. Luck

Points to be remembered while making an effective short film.

  1. Duration of the short film SHORT – 10 minutes or less.
  2. Keep your short film stylish or presentable.
  3. Master the art of movie editing.
  4. Try to pick up the idea which has larger reach.
  5. Try to avoid too much expensive ideas.
  6. Editing should be tight, right on the mark.
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