Social media: the new way to connect By Mr. Monish Kaushal

Social media: the new way to connect By Mr. Monish Kaushal

In this digital world, everyone knows what social media is but still, social media refers to the means of interactions among in virtual communities and networks.

There are different types of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc. These platforms are used to interact, respond and react but there are basic Principles that the Media managers want to drive the entire functioning.

We don’t know about culture but social media is surely changing the way of interaction. Technology has changed the scenario of the world. People often try to find opportunities and talent on a social media platform. The way news is carried and perceived has also changed a lot.

Below are some instances of the change in communication-

1. Two-way communications-

The communication between brands and consumers are much easier and faster now. The brands control the message and it’s a PR firm or a publicist’s job to make sure that the message is correct and consistent.

2.Negativity spreads like a wildfire-

When people communicate, people complain also. A brand should be ever-ready to face negative comments about their product. With the number of trolls increasing daily, one’s privacy is always endangered.

3.The positive news is no different-

Just like negative news, positive news also spreads like a wildfire. Social media allows news to travel at a faster pace among consumers.

4.PR professionals make opportunities come at the door-

Today’s publicists have learned all the new, popular social networking services so as not to miss opportunities for media exposure or attracting potential customer leads.

5.Social Media is Changing Traditional Media-

It’s an honest fact that the authority of media has shifted to the audience. Now the main influencers may be a prominent blogger, or someone very active on Twitter or other social media platforms. Whom you pitch about your company has completely changed and you need to be aware of the influencers.

6.Bigger and Better opportunities-

Anyone with talent can create a huge array of followers and thereby deposit tremendous value before even if you pitch the same. In many cases you will be reached for, considering the momentum you have gathered using the Social media circuit.

7.No discrimination-

If the idea is global, people may get likes and comments from all over the world. Social media offers a platform which doesn’t discriminate on basis of caste, religion, gender, and beliefs.

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