Vision Mission Statement

Vision / Mission


To be the most preferred school in the media and communication sector by creating an intellectually stimulating environment, nurturing professionalism, entrepreneurship, and social sensitivity.


  • To create a conducive academic environment for enhancing the quality of teaching, learning and research
  • To encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity in the field of media and communication
  • To foster relationships with alumni, industry and parents
  • To develop socially responsible individuals by inculcating ethics and values


  • Commitment towards students: committed to meet students’ changing educational needs, foster lifelong learning, provide knowledge & skills for career growth
  • Create learning environment: by integrating teaching, research, assessment and learning to promote continuous improvement of the students
  • Integrity: we are committed to the practices that are fair, honest, objective and ethical upon which the Institute is built
  • Respect for diversity: we realize the diversity & its dimensions among all the employees, stakeholders and their contribution towards individual & institutional development


  • Innovation & creativity: to have new approaches with built-in creativity & invention for implementation of ideas and solutions
  • Critical thinking: providing an opportunity to examine the problem in a different way & linking it with various aspects of subjects & disciplines
  • Professional development: is vital for a well-trained employee
  • Collaboration & Co-operation: working together with industry, academia, community & other stakeholders to achieve the desired results
  • Research & Consultancy: provide an opportunity to undertake research & consultancy in the domain areas