War of the Mediums: Traditional Media v/s Digital Media by Prof. Trupti Mistry

War of the Mediums: Traditional Media v/s Digital Media by Prof. Trupti Mistry

No amount of speculation or argument can change the fact or the current scenario of the media industry being divided into two war zones. Agencies and companies functioning with traditional media have been off lately losing hope due to its less importance and the worth it has now.

The bad boy in this entire can be named as the internet. Since its inception, digital media has foreseen a tremendous growth and usage. It is very clear and prominent to notice the war between two media and predicting the fall of traditional media amongst this battle. One of the biggest reason of traditional media facing problems today is the prominence and value given by the youth to the digital media. However, still the traditional media did manage to survive but things got a bit sour when the rest of age groups category grew fond of the digital medium.

Soon one could find all the marketers, company, industries shifting their attention to the digital media as maximum number of their target audience has shifted their loyalty towards the same. Companies and industries which still do believe in the power of traditional media and the amount of effect it had, has and can have on the audience was soon to be forgotten due to the popularity and the maximum utilization of the digital medium.

The majority of the change and getting in favour of the digital media is due to the easy accessibility, cost-efficiency and the immediate or the quick feedback the marketers get online has made the media very popular. One of the biggest reasons as to why the new media or the digital works better is because the new media helps the marketers to target their audience with the specific as at the right time and place. There are few slippage in understanding or charting out the plan of the ads. Most of the time these ads even work better for the target group which probably are not targeted by the marketer or the agency in the first place.

Amidst all of this, one often fails to understand the power of traditional media it contains. Also the broad range of media vehicles it has and the effect these media have on the mass. Yes, it is expensive and not easily accessible, but one needs to understand that iconic campaigns whether hear, seen or recalled was due to the help of traditional media.

Now, the big question that one really needs to ask and which might also help in predicting the survival of traditional media is whether these both media i.e. traditional and digital will ever find equilibrium? Or whether in the long race only one media will survive. Rumours have been around for a quite few while about the traditional media soon being dying but it is next to impossible. However, the rate of choosing traditional media as the only media to launch a product, brand or a service could go down in the years. It is now up to the people who are involved in traditional media to find a way out to either win the battle against the digital medium or find the equilibrium. One just has to wait and find out which media finally wins or will be there be an amicable solution?

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