Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Research Methodology and Grant Proposal Writing”

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies conducted a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Research Methodology and Grant Proposal Writing” from 24th May 2021 to 31st May 2021 from 10:30 am to 5 pm on Google Meet platform. The sessions were conducted by Dr. Shamim Modi, Dr. Lakshmi Lingam and Dr. Sunitha Chitrapu. Faculty members from various institutes across India attended the FDP.

On the first day. Dr Dilnaz Boga, Convener of IQAC Cell also presented her views and the objectives of conducting the FDP. Dr Lakshmi Lingam began her session on Social Sciences Research: Types of Research, and explained the similarities in research in the social sciences and research in the physical sciences.  She went on to the differences between Qualitative Research & Quantitative Research,

Dr Sunitha Chatrapu addressed the topic of Media Research, where she talked about some basic media theories.  On the following day, Dr Lingam elaborated on the various paradigms of research, and discussed Positivism, Post-Positivism, Social Constructivism, Critical Theory, Postmodernism, as well as Post-structuralism. Dr Lingam then went on to explain Quantitative Research Designs, Inductive and Deductive logic, Analytical Causal Designs and modelling and types of causal relationships.

On the third day, Dr Lingam addressed key concepts in qualitative research and data presentation, explaining the key elements, sampling and types of sampling, variables and types of variables, and devising a survey tool.

Dr Shamim Modi introduced to Qualitative Research, elaborating on the philosophy and steps of qualitative research, the methodologies employed, and the importance of having a Field Notes Diary, as well as cultivating Emotional Intelligence and empathy while dealing with people. In the next session, she spoke of Narrative Inquiry, Ethnographies and Case Study Research. She further spoke on phenomenology, grounded theory and exploratory study.

On the fourth day, Dr Modi talked about writing and presenting Qualitative Research. She emphasised on Reflexivity, the ethical aspects in data collection, and the various methodologies of data collection including the role of oral histories in narratives. The next session was conducted by Dr Modi on Developing Emotional Intelligence for Qualitative Research, where she had a small classroom activity demonstrating the concept of difficulties in communication while listening, especially while decoding experiences. Based on her own experience, Dr Modi described various exercises and activities that one can conduct to heighten empathic listening and acknowledging what the subjects say. She also highlighted the importance of listening sensitively, mindfully, skillfully and positively.

Dr. Modi highlighted ethics in research and publications. She highlighted the roles of ethical committees and consent forms, and the need to address trust issues with subjects of the study. Dr. Lingam spoke on what motivates academic writing, and insisted on adhering to the established norms to refrain from indulging in plagiarism. She went on to give an overview about plagiarism.

On the sixth day, Dr. Lingam, asked divided the participants into small groups and requested them to enter their respective breakout rooms. All teams had come prepared for the activity after doing their working on their respective research proposals.

The following day, Dr. Modi laid out the importance of understanding the study subjects’ feedback. On the seventh day, the second session was the Valedictory Function, presided over by IQAC convenor Dr. Boga, who summed up the highlights of each session of each day. Various attendees were requested to present their feedback. The attendees were informed that their participation certificates would be made available online. Dr. Boga ended the FDP with a vote of thanks.

Nature and Wildlife Photography Workshop at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

‘Photo Walk’ was organized on 21st February, 2021 at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Mumbai by the Photography Club in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies. 76 Students participated in the one of its kind Photo Walk. The Walk was deliberately organized on a Sunday to amalgamate the holiday mood into the trail. Read More

Workshop on How to crack ATMA Entrance Exam and Career Opportunities in Sports Management for Aspiring Management Students

A webinar was held on ‘Preparation for ATMA and Careers in Sports Management’ under the ambit of a specially devised webinar series ‘Beyond the Classroom’. This was held on Saturday January 23, 2021. Read More

Workshop on “Sense of Art” conducted by Mr. Nilesh Gavle

The Fine Arts Club of Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies organized a workshop for art enthusiasts – Sense of Art. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Nilesh Gavle, a painter whose art takes reality by surprise. The objective of the workshop was to expose the students to dynamic conversations and deepen their appreciation of any form of art. Read More

Webinar on Mental Well - Being

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..”, says John Milton in “Paradise Lost”.

Mental Health is important at every stage of life from childhood to adolescence. Mental well-being affects the way one feels, thinks and acts. The Rotaract Club of Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies had organized a Webinar on Mental Well Being on 12th January 2021 from 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Read More

Workshop on Production Design & Art Direction

A workshop on Production Design & Art Direction was organized for the students of MAFTNMP, TYBAFTNMP & SYBAFTNMP students. The workshop was conducted by Ms Boishali Sinha Sharma, a well-known name in the field of Production Design & Art Direction. Read More

Workshop on Sexual Harassment

Workshop on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

The Women Development Cell of DGMC had organized a one day Workshop on “Sexual Harassment at Workplace” on 20th January, 2021.

Harassment in various forms has become a part of professional life. If not controlled at the right time it could be hazardous for the employees. Of the various situation, sexual harassment is the most understated and the most widely violated form of harassment.

The resource person for the Workshop was Ms Deepa Pawar, a social activist and Founder of “Anubhuti”, a feminist organization working to build socio-political leadership of youth towards a more just, equitable and democratic society.Read More

Women Development Cell

The Women Development Cell of DGMC organised a guest session on the topic “Changing Roles of Women amidst Covid Lockdown” with Dr. Sangeeta Khullar a Sociologist and an Associate Professor in Psychology at MKP PG College, Dehradun, on 29th October at 3pm, over Google Meet.Read More

Mic & Gyaan Series and Workshops

Mic & Gyaan Series and Workshops

Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies has begun with a stellar series of Mic and Gyan sessions from the month of Nov’20 over zoom wherein the best of media minds and entertainment shall speak virtually to students and faculty of DGMC.Read More

Film Based Workshop conducted by film-maker Aditya Kripalani

Film Club Write up _Aditya Kriplani

On 6th October 2020 Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies organized a discussion with Aditya Kriplani. He is a filmmaker, writer, musician and producer. He is best known for his books Backseat, Frontseat and Tikli and Laxmi Bomb. Read More


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Online Workshop Topic - Art direction

Boishali Sinha – Topic – Art direction

On the first Saturday of this month, 3rd October 2020, a virtual workshop was organised by Deviprasad Goenka Management Institute of Media and Communications on the topic of art direction.Read More


Paid Course - Broadcast

Paid Course - Multimedia

Guest Lecture Series - 2: Mr. Sachin Khedekar conducted a session on the ``Art of Acting - Theatre & Screen``

The “Art of Acting – Theatre & Screen”, the second event under the Guest Lecture Series category was held on 26 th September, 2020 between 3 p.m and 5 p.m….Read More

Workshop in collaboration with Auroville Film Institute from 18th to 25th June 2020

Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies (DGMC) in collaboration with the Auroville Film Institute organised an eight-days Online Basic Film Orientation Workshop from 18th to 25th June, 2020. …Read More

Workshop on Script Writing conducted by Mr. Sanjay Chhel on 7th Jan 2020

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Workshop on News Sensitisation & Verification conducted by Ms. Shewta Bhandral on 25th Jan 2020

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Workshop on Research Methodology by Sulekha Munshi – 15th Feb 2020

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Various Workshops Conducted for SYPGDM Semester-V students

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Workshop by Dr.Venkatkrishnan Iyer on Quantitative Methodology - on Saturday 15th Mar 2020

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